Variant Space: Art & The Muslim Woman

Variant Space is an organisation that hopes to showcase female artistic talent in the Muslim community. Aaliyah Green takes a closer look at VariantSpace and the Muslimah's behind it.

'One of the inspiring aspects of writing about Variant Space was the self education. I learned something new, I learned to really listen and understand what the interviewee was saying. I came away feeling that I really had nourished my mind with useful knowledge' -  Aaliyah



Got Halal? Zabiha In The Big Apple

HonestChops can lay claim to a unique achievement they are the first whole animal, organic, grass-fed, free range, halal butcher in NYC. Eissa Dar profiles this unique butchery and the great work they do.

'The innovation within our community doesn't stop surprising me, whenever there is a need somebody steps up, and for the organic loving muslim they have got their butchery!' - Eissa





We've compiled a list of our three favourite Non-Profits, who are doing excellent work for the Muslim community.

'I think this post was important because it helped people to get a deeper understanding of what each organisation stands for, as well as hopefully providing support to these NPO's' - Muhammad