my career

The #MyCareer quarterly is focused on showcasing Muslims across the globe who have careers that are either unique or transcend the boundaries that we often place ourselves within. This November we will be sharing the stories of Muslim professionals who work in unique industries around the world. From sporting professionals to Angel Investors stay in the loop with our content by checking out the page below and following us on all our social platforms - Team Bahath



From flipping homes in the early days to a portfolio that stretches from a gyms, clothing and digital media it’s fair to say Azam Jafaari has had dug his fingers in a fair share of pies.

In the inaugural quarterly of Bahath’s ‘My Career’ edition we sat down for a chat with Azam to learn all about the world of entrepreneurship.


Premier league sports doctor

Dr Zaf Iqbal is the first team Doctor at Crystal Palace FC in the Premier League. He has also previously held positions at Leyton Orient, Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool FC.

We speak to Dr Zaf about his career path and what it took to make it to where he is today.


author YOUNG ADULT fiction

Hafsah Faizal is an American Muslim author whose first YA novel, “We Hunt The Flame” will be released in May 2019. We spoke to her about her experiences as a Young Adult fiction author, from the struggles of getting published to the inspiration behind her novels.